Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Brooke has wanted to darken her hair for quite a while now. I have been very resistant because (a.) I think she is too young to start coloring her hair and (b.) I really LIKE her natural hair color. I tell her it looks like molten honey. My verbosity is rewarded with an eye roll, an "Oh, Mom," and a deep sigh that can be best interpreted as "My mother is so weird."

However, all things considered, hair color is a fairly minor thing. When I was her age, I used lemon juice and, later, Sun-In to change my hair color. So we decided to let her do a color that will wash out in a few shampooings.

The process......

The results. Not bad. But I still like her molten honey hair.


And tomorrow she leaves with my mother-in-law to visit relatives in Illinois for a few weeks. Good-bye, oh dark haired stranger! Good-bye!

(Okay, so it is really not THAT different from her natural hair color. For that, I am grateful.)


Linda said...

Good compromise, Mom! It looks nice.

Teeny said...

BEAUTIFUL...could be worse, like pink B-o check for future postings, lol.

Cynthia said...

Our 2nd dd has now colored her hair quite a few times. It seems after they start there's no stopping them (LOL)! At least it grows out and she hasn't asked for pink or yellow or green (LOL)!