Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here's Your Sign!

We are not the only house under construction in the neighborhood. There is this house across the street:

Last year for Christmas, the husband had one log left over and wanted to carve it into a bear for his wife as a surprise. She was surprised alright. With a hospital bill after a trip to the emergency room. The chainsaw slipped and almost cut his fingers off. He had quite a number of stitches. He was very fortunate tendon and muscle damage didn't occur.

Since The Accident, the bear has been hidden under a blue tarp. Until recently. I don't know why he was "unveiled," but the blue tarp disappeared a few weeks ago. I think the new neighbor needed it to cover construction materials.

Another neighbor, whom we'll call Jokester, asked Steve about the bear. Steve told Jokester the story and Jokester said, "Oh! The bear needs a sign! I think I'll make one!" Steve chuckled at that and went back to work on our new house.

This morning when I drove over to the house, I saw the bear. And the sign. Can you read it?

It says, "I fought the law saw and the law saw won."

The new neighbor saw it this morning, too. And thinks his coworkers did it. :::giggle::: Now THAT'S funny!


Teeny said...

ugh - ugly bear to match to ugly house :-/ at least he still has his finger!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia said...

LOL! That's funny.

Berry Patch said...

Oh that is funny! Although, my hubby wants to do this when we build a house. Hmmm, perhaps we need to think about this a bit more. :-)

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

This is so funny!