Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man Made Breakfast

This photo is from a week ago. I took it for a blog post and never posted it. So here it is, one week late.

A simple breakfast, yes, but it was completely "man made." My brother-in-law made the French baguette, which was delicious lightly toasted with a little butter. It even tasted great without being toasted. I'm so glad he made two loaves, but could only eat one!

The plum jelly was made by my friend's husband. And it was exquisite! And, unfortunately, almost gone. (He also gave us some of his pear preserves, which were also delicious on my waffles and are also, unfortunately, gone.)

I just love it when men cook. And bless me with the results!


Teeny said...

HAHA - I passed it along to will make his head even bigger! Glad you liked them.

Cynthia said...