Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time to Move

Is our house finished? Yes. Can we move in? No. Why not? We need to pour the concrete driveway before our final inspection. But first it must STOP RAINING so the enormous lakes in the yard can dry up. The driveway and walks are framed, with the exception of the last few feet right by the road where Steve needs to move some dirt. When it dries up. :::sigh:::

But I need to move SOMEWHERE right now. Today. This minute. Why?

This is OBVIOUSLY not a photo I took myself.

Because last night when I went to put the trash out, a little pink gecko ran inside my house. And, being the herpetophobe and batrachophobe that I am, I freaked out. Truly. And slept with my door closed and a towel stuffed under the door. With both cats left out so perhaps they would catch it. But then I was afraid they'd leave the carcass somewhere for me to find. Which would still freak me out.

This morning, I did not find a gecko carcass. But I did discover online that some geckos are parthenogenic - meaning the females can reproduce without a male. My luck the gecko in my house is a girl. Breeding more little geckos to terrorize me in my sleep.

Anyone with a spare room to rent?


Stephanie said...

Oh, I have to truly laugh because this is exactly what I would do! Any luck in finding your friend? You have to admit though that the photo is almost cute and colorful!

Ginger said...

No, Stephanie, we have not found my "friend." :::shudder::: I have been a nervous wreck all day while in the house - especially washing dishes, opening the fridge, getting out dog food, or going into the laundry room. All things near the area where the perpetrator was last seen. :^)

Teeny said...

I've got one better for you...I just stepped on a baby one BAREFOOT in my house! They make a lovely little popping sound when you do that :-/ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - sorry, couldn't resist!

Berry Patch said...

Huh - makes me pretty glad to be way up north - a good time to be a Yankee I think. ;-) Of course, we just have really big nasty spiders up here! ::shudder::

Kassiah said...

I didn't know there was ever a good time to be a yankee. ahahahahahaha just kidding. (no i'm not)