Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look What I Can Do!

I can turn on the lights! And the fan!

I have a clock on my oven!

And I can make tea in the microwave!

"So what?" you say. It's not the "what," it's the "where." And the "where" is my new house! We have electricity! Hurray!!!

We may STILL not have a driveway because of continuing rains, but we do have electricity. Okay, so there are a few bugs. But they'll get worked out. The biggest bug - our a/c isn't working. So the a/c guys come out tomorrow to see if they can fix t he problem.

Some of the other electrical issues stem from the sheetrock hangers covering up boxes that we didn't realize. Thankfully we took pictures before the 'rock went up and Steve has looked them over and found two more that he didn't know about. This puts the count for covered electrical boxes up to 14. He was so mad! But at least that will be a fairly easy fix.


Cynthia said...

ACK! How could they do that?

Ginger said...

I would imagine because they didn't care. Steve was so mad. Every time he realized they'd covered a box, he'd get mad. He used to hang sheetrock and he knows covering this many is just unacceptable.

Diann said...

Okay, I am just glad you can do all those things in your house! I still fondly remember the first breakfast we had in our new house and it was absolutely HEAVENLY! I think it was instant oatmeal in a cup, but it doesn't matter, it was in the NEW HOUSE.