Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Morning

I don't do mornings well. I'm more of a night owl and prefer to start my day at a decent hour. Like 9.

Unfortunately, Steve's truck is dead. And I need to be able to feed horses while he is at work. This means I get to wake up and bring him to work. (And pick him up, but we do that after feeding horses.)

Do you know that nurses' shifts start at unholy hours like 7 a.m.? And because Steve is a conscientious employee, that means he wants to get there early. We live about 15 minutes or less from his hospital, but he leaves the house at 6 a.m. Yes, one solid hour early. "Because you never know when there may be a wreck or something." :::sigh:::

So I have been awakened at 6 a.m. to bring him to work. This morning I also received news from Brooke (who takes after her dad and gets up early enough to rouse the roosters) that I needed to bring HER somewhere at this ridiculous hour.

Across the street from the hospital and medical office buildings is a large pond with a walking track. There are LOTS of ducks in this pond. And they waddle everywhere, including across the street to the hospital. The ducks have the right-of-way, obviously. But lately, the ducks have had some visitors.

This morning we saw an enormous number of Canada geese in the parking lot and crossing the street to the pond. There were so many that they stopped traffic (not that there really was much at 6 a.m.) in both directions. Fortunately I had my camera and Brooke (who was NOT bleary-eyed and attempting to drive) jumped out of the car for some photos.

You can see that the sun was not quite awake in these pictures. I understand how it was feeling. I wasn't quite awake either.

After dropping Steve off, Brooke asked me to take her through McDonald's for some breakfast. She has been working for a neighbor doing yard work and wanted to buy something quick. She knows better than to ask me to spend my money at McDonald's. I just don't. But it was her money. And since I was suffering this early morning hour and had to drive her even deeper into Baton Rouge, I decided I deserved a coffee. I ordered one of these. Courtesy of Brooke. :^D

Not my hand. Not my car. And not my iced coffee.

Yuck! I think they dropped the grounds on the floor, swept them up, and used them anyway. It was the worst stuff I have ever tasted. So I came home and rewarded myself with a nap. And a GOOD cup of coffee!


Teeny said...

thanks for bringing her over - Teeny had a wonderful visit!! Wish you could have been scrapping with us instead of napping :-D

Cynthia said...

I've been wondering how their iced coffees taste. I guess I won't bother!

Berry Patch said...

I can so relate to this Ginger. I'm also so NOT a morning person & much perfer staying up late but these days it's not happening all that much. Oh well!

the 4 Bs said...

thanks for the tip on the coffee. i've been wanting to try it out. now i don't need to.

Shushan said...

I'm not a coffee fan in any form, but I am surprised they made you such an awful drink. Well at least you got a great picture out of the morning.

Hope your hubby's truck fixes easily and inexpensively. Being a one vehicle family is no fun at all.

Susan in VA (SHS)

Ginger said...

Unfortunately, Susan, it's DEAD dead. He has worked on it and worked on it and just can't get it fixed. It's an older truck and really isn't worth spending the money to bring it somewhere. We have already put more money into it than we'll ever get back. So after we get in the house, we'll be shopping for him a new car. (The mortgage company frowns on you getting a new car right before a mortgage.)

Cynthia said...

I just had to post another comment.... about 9:00 a.m. being a "decent" hour (LOL)!