Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Face on the Cat

Today Libby was found resting in the bathroom sink. She must do this often, because we see the hair or feel her slight dampness when picking her up, but rarely do we catch her.

She loves to drink from the faucet left on a slow trickle. Brooke will occasionally turn it on for her and after she drinks, she still may lie in the sink. What an odd cat.

Look at those gorgeous green eyes!

I immediately went for the camera. Adorable pictures. But when we uploaded the pictures to the computer, we saw it. The Face.

On her back leg. Do you see the face? With the big, handlebar moustache? It was in EVERY SHOT!



Cynthia said...

LOL about the cat in the sink. And.. hey! We have the same faucet in our upstairs bathroom.

Ginger said...

Well, does your "cold" handle keep turning all around to where the word is on the underside? Mine does that all the time and drives me crazy.

Laura in MO said...

Bizarre about the face! :)

De'Etta said...

Great Kitty photos!