Monday, March 24, 2008

Obsessive, Me Thinks

This morning Brooke left to go to "horse camp" as a counselor. She LIVES for horse camp and has been looking forward to this since November. That's when the last one was.

But this time, she was leaving while Morgan and I were gone. Which meant leaving the animals in the care of :::gasp::: her dad. She left him a note or two....

She left him a note by the front door.

One on the computer desk.

One on the computer. (No, that's not dust. Why do you ask?)

One on the oven. (And, no, those aren't finger prints. Why do you ask?)

One on the outside of the fridge.

One on the inside of the fridge.

One inside the kitchen cabinet.

Three in the bathroom.

Two in the hall. (No, I definitely did NOT pick this wallpaper.)

Two on my mirror. (Yes, my mirror is old and needs re-silvering. No, I won't do it because it will devalue the piece. And I love this old mirror. And the bad silvering makes me look better in the morning.)

Two on Steve's chest of drawers.

One on the fish tank. (Yes, those are cat footprints on the top of the fish tank. And the cats have drank the water level down quite low. Why do you ask?)

"Hmm....there is something I'm supposed to do," says Steve, "but I can't recall what it is."

Yes, I believe the child is a bit obsessive.


Teeny said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - that was hilarious!!! Uh...did Steve feed the animals? I had no idea you were going to Oregon! How was it this time of year? I love that place...

Laura in MO said...

This post just cracks me up! :)
Love the part about "no dust". :) That is how it is here at my house!

Cynthia said...

LOL! The sticky notes are great.