Thursday, March 27, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

My oldest and dearest friend, Joy, came for a visit today. She brought with her two "newer" friends - her first child, Big J, and her last child, Little J. Here are some pictures of the "last." Isn't she adorable?

She told Joy on their drive here that she "wanted to play with Brooke." Joy was confused because she usually adores Morgan and avoids Brooke. "Nope, Brooke," she insisted. Good thing because Morgan was at a friend's house. So today Brooke made a new friend. Brooke isn't much for little kids, but was very sweet with Little J and loved all the funny things she said and did. I told Brooke that little kids ages 2 to 3 are generally sweet, but she's never believed me before.

Here's a picture I took that came out really shadowy. I Photoshopped it and added a soft focus. I liked it because it looked like a painting. Brooke didn't like it. But it's my blog, so pfffttt.


Laura in MO said...

I like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of all the funny things "little J" says, today my "big J" turned 13. Not too funny until "little J" said it as "firteen" and she will be "free." Wouldn't we all like to be "free" again?!