Friday, March 7, 2008

Soccer Girl

We don't play soccer. Joshua played for one, maybe two, seasons. He didn't like it. It was cold and rainy, therefore *I* didn't like it. My girls have never wanted to play and I have not pushed it. I don't like cold and rainy. Or hot and sticky. I'm pretty much an "indoor activities" kind of person. I get enough of being cold/hot/rainy/sticky/miserable going to horse shows. I figure that's punishment enough.

But today after cleaning stalls and feeding horses, while Brooke was working on getting Lady and Honeybee in the trailer (Honeybee slipped while unloading on a rainy fall day after a show and has been hesitant to get in the trailer), Morgan found an abandoned soccer ball. She and I started an impromptu game.

I quickly became winded because I'm (1) old, (2) fat, and (3) out of shape. But we had fun. I know very LITTLE about soccer, but did show Morgan how to properly kick the ball. Her goal - under a flat-bed trailer. My goal - the small sugar cane patch. Can you tell we are in the COUNTRY? :::grin::: I won, two to one.

Because I couldn't take pictures of myself (I was running so fast, it was just a blur. Okay, not really.) so I just took some pictures of Morgan.

Whoops! I knew there was something else about soccer I didn't like. Those WERE new pants!


Teeny said... Teeny will have a partner :-D Perhaps you can show her some move ;-) They won their game this past weekend with NO FIST FIGHTS!! I bet that's one more thing you forgot to mention you didn't like about soccer B-o

Cynthia said...

We've never had any kids interested in soccer either. BUMMER about the pants.

Cynthia said...

I'm not sure if the other comment saved. Just wanted to say BUMMER on the pants and we've never had any kids interested in soccer either.