Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Big Purchase

Joshua finally received his sign on bonus from the Navy Reserves. Because he has been car-less, rectifying that situation was one of his first goals.

He set a price goal in mind. His Mama gave him a few tips on haggling and we went out car shopping Friday. He went with his dad to see more cars Saturday. The sales lady from who I purchased our Suburban worked all weekend trying to find him a car from one of their company's three locations.

She called him yesterday and they set up an appointment today. Steve took him to the bank, then dropped him off at the dealership. Dropped him off???!!!??? What kind of a Dad are you?

A few hours later, he called asking for the location of the insurance company so he could insure his new car. We didn't even know what he bought.

A 2002 Camaro. Okay, NOT the vehicle his Mama would have picked. I would have chosen a nice, safe Volvo 4-door sedan. But I guess that's not the car a 20-year-old single young man wants.

I must admit, this car is sweet! And he didn't compromise his price line AT ALL - she had to redo the paperwork three times. The last time was a mere $100 over his bottom line, but my baby didn't budge! He is his Mama's son.

Umm, Joshua.........

May I borrow your car?


Jim Williams said...

Wow. first a Mustang (moment of silence) and now a Camaro. Nice.

Cynthia said...

KEWL! That's a sweet looking car.

De'Etta said...

Cool car.