Saturday, June 14, 2008

Handy Gal for Hire

I have learned quite a few new skills over the course of building this house. In addition to staining and finishing concrete floors and painting, and installing doors, I've learned some other new things in the past two weeks.

I can install doorknobs (and learned to use a drill for the first time - I told Steve I need my own pink screw gun/drill).

I can install lights, ceiling fans, and receptacles. This is easy because I know my colors (white wire to white wire, black to black, copper wire to green screw) and chemistry. :::grin:::

I can install cabinet hardware (this one is a no brainer).

Today I learned to install cable lines. Tomorrow, who knows! I may decide to put in the sewer line myself.

Or maybe not. :::grin:::


Teeny said...

aha...I will keep that in mind as I look around my ancient house that requires constant repairs ::grin:: And now I know the perfect birthday club gift as well ;-)

Cynthia said...

I'm IMPRESSED! I don't really know how to do many of those things. Two summers ago I did learn how to install the drip system for our under ground sprinklers.... that's about it.