Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Nod to Ms. Potter

This little squirrel is definitely NOT Squirrel Nutkin. He's not idle and he's definitely not irritating an owl.

I think it might be Timmy Tiptoes. But instead of being to fat to get OUT of a little hole in a tree, I think he's going to be to fat to get in!

Steve bought this nifty little squirrel feeder last week. The squirrels have to lift the top in order to get the food. For a while, our feeder was ignored. We thought perhaps there was a learning curve that our Southern squirrels had yet to achieve. Our educational system is sadly lacking here in Louisiana. We were fearing this included our little Sciurus friends as well. But we were wrong.

This little guy is a frequent visitor. See his round little tummy?

He hogs the feeder. But he's not a greedy guy. He shares with little birds and other squirrels who gather at the bottom of the tree. It is funny to see him take one bite and throw it down to the others.
We have had a lot of fun watching him lift the little lid and get more food, then sit down and eat it (and share it) and then get more.
He's finally finished. He knows when to push away from the table! Kind of. :::grin:::

"Bye, Timmy! Give our regards to Goody!"


Cynthia said...

What a cute little guy (LOL)! Loved the reference to Ms. Potter! Have you seen the movie about her? That was cute!

Ginger said...

I love Beatrix Potter and loved the movie. I have a picture of me reading a BP book to Joshua when he was less than a week old. (I think it was Squirrel Nutkin.)