Thursday, June 19, 2008

My First Blog Contest

I love seeing all those great blog contests on other blogs, especially those with fun give-aways! I don't have a huge readership, but I decided to do my own contest with a prize, albeit a small one!

So we have this new kitty. She is the cutest little tortoiseshell and she reminds me so much of KitKat. Our dilemma: She needs a name. I can't face the receptionist at the vet's office one more time (yes, we've already been twice in a week) if I go in with her AGAIN as "No Name Kitten."

I said Kat-arina. Groans were elicited from the younger crowd. Steve says to just call her Kat-tastrophe. :::sigh::: The girls keep coming up with names left and right, but nothing seems to fit.

I would love to have her name have some connection to KitKat (who was named by Joshua, not myself, because he said she looked like all the colors of a KitKat candy bar all stirred together).

So come up with names for me, please! I need help! I'll leave the contest open until June 27th, next Friday. The person who comes up with The Perfect Name for little Miss No Name Kitty will win a $15 Petsmart gift card.

So put on your thinking caps and leave your suggestion in the comment section.


Kassiah said...

Wow girl you are moving up in the world if you are having a blog contest hehe. So hopefully I am the first entry, but I am sure it doesn't count. My vote is for Katerina. Who cares what the youngins say? They will eventually grow up and leave and you will still have Katerina LOL :)

Dorothy said...

My vote is just simply 'Kat'.

I wanted to call ours that, but the kids thought it was a preposterous suggestion. {g}

whatexackley said...

My dd likes Snickers and my ds likes Penny. I hope you get a really great name for your kitty.
Lis from SHS

Berry Patch said...

SO CUTE! She makes me miss my kitty. I had a torti & she was THE best. My hubby bought her for me for my 23rd birthday eons ago & sadly she only lived nine years before I found her one day not moving. So sad.

Her name was McKenna. I wanted to name our first little girl that (hah she says - three little boys later!) & hubby said no way so I told him to get me a little girl kitty then!!!

Not sure if McKenna works for you or not. You could go with Kuddle-Kat? ;-)

photoJENic said...

Does she love curling up with ppl? How about "Velcro."

I've always wanted to name my cat "Dog." (Pronounced dee-O-gee. get it? lol...)

Coffee drinkers in the house? What about Expresso or Latte.

I really don't want to win anything, I just like thinking up funny pet names. :D

Anonymous said...

Since she is a calico torte, I would name her Callie. She looks so much like our Callie that we lost last year.

Trisha in TX

gordy and georgie said...

Twix or Snickers. Pesto is our cat's name but I always thought Sassafras would be a good future cat name. Katerina is too close to sounding like that nasty hurricane we all want to forget about.

Gordy and Georgie said...

ooh oooh another idea...

Kat Ballou!

momma24 said...

OOHH, How about Kit Kitridge?!!!

Debbie said...

What a cute little kitty! She really adorable. I'm not very good with pet names.

How about Hershey (they make KitKats).

Can't wait to see what name you choose.

Cynthia said...

LOL! What fun! I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to say it is fun to do some bloggy things once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks mischevious and you should name her "gossip." That way you would have gossip running amok in your house, and you can blame everything on her. We just adopted a new kitty and she came with the name "Martini." That goes over very well in my Baptist Church--however she used to have a friend that was a Golden Retriever named caviar, and they were a pair. You could get another cat and name it "Rumor." Then you would be the type of woman that would have Rumor and Gossip all the time!!!


Rachel in Maryland

4xBs said...

wow, we love contests even though we never win. of course, we like the B names, so we would go with something like Bit-Kat or maybe BitBat, which isn't even very kitty like at all.

congrats on your new kitty. she's really cute. not as cute as a poodle, but okay for a cat.


Shushan said...

Something about her sweet little face says "jigsaw" to me. I bet she'd look adorable puzzling over its pieces too.


Susan in Va (SHS)

Kassiah said...

Okay Pattersen votes for Kattersen. How convenient...LOL

Jen said...

HA! Love the Gossip/Rumor are mine.

(I love this name and she's

Leah, Esther, or Grace
(she looks like she could be either,they're Biblical to go with Delilah)

(used part of kitkat)

Stormie or Bordeaux
(thought of these while reading through your blog-gorgeous house!!)

Good luck! She's a cutie!

Jen in NM (SHS)

jennifer said...

From my house, we have the suggestions of sKITtles, Reeses, and Baby Ruth. See a theme? :)

martina said...

Okay, after reading about baby kitty, I think this is the perfect name: Paula Deen.

Teeny said...

How about Truffle - she looks like that yummy chocolate dessert you/Brooke/Connie make, it's a slight twist on TROUBLE...which I'm sure she'll find plenty of, and we're still in the chocolate theme :-D

Christina said...

well i like the name rumple-teaser!
BUT! i know u didn't like that one
so wat about snicker-doodle!
her nick name could me snicker
for all the smiles she will bring!
or doodle..
but hopefully she wont leave to many of those :-)

Anonymous said...

PL votes for Oreo.

Little J votes Naddy-that's what she names everything.

Big J votes for Se-esta--because she looks like a sleep-inducing kitty (in pic of Steve) and memory of your mom who always asked if I wanted to go "see Esther", or so I thought for some time!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I had a kitty just like her for 16 years and her name was Miss Kitty (my parents liked Gunsmoke).

Your baby looks like a Cookie or a Skit Skat to me!

-Shelly in TX (SHS)