Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little No Name Kitty

More pictures of Little No Name Kitty. And some insight to her personality, to help with the name ideas. We still need name suggestions for the contest.

She loves a good joke.

But she can also be thoughtful and contemplative.

And, no matter what surprising thing you tell her, she is never judgemental.

She loves frequent naps with Monkey.

And she has quite the Buddha-Belly.

There. More insight into Little No Name Kitty. We are hoping this time next week to be able to give her a permanent name. I believe everyone calling her different things will cause her to be schizophrenic. And ANOTHER schizo cat is not what we need around here.


Dorothy said...

oh oh! Buddha belly can sometimes mean a tummy full of roundworms. Have you had her de-wormed?

She looks so little, Ginger. What age do you think she was when you found her?

Ginger said...

Yes, they de-wormed her the first visit to the vet's office and has been treated for coccidia. When we went back the following week, she we clear for both.

She seems to be growing into her belly in the last few days. She was actually quite dehydrated and thin when she arrived here, no doubt from the coccidiosis.

They think she was perhaps 5 weeks old.

Jen said...

Another name that crossed my mind...


Jen in NM
Who loves thinking of neat girl's names:)

Jennifer said...

How about Taffy for a name?

Amy said...

She looks a little like my old cat Mischa...

Junebug said...

My first thought last week was "Tabitha". Then I forgot to post it.