Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Absentee Blogger

Well, it's been almost a week since I've posted - shame on me! We had quite a boring, yet relaxing weekend. Steve, the girls, and I all went to church together - that hasn't happened in quite a few weeks with horse shows and illnesses and such.

But Monday was quite a day. We did school and then in the late afternoon, I had an episode of chest pain that was quite intense. It lasted for about 20 minutes and then suddenly disappeared. Steve took Brooke to choir practice and then he and Morgan went to take care of the horses. They hadn't been gone long when the pain returned, even stronger than before. It took my breath.

I called Steve and gasped that the pain had returned and he said, "I'm coming home now" and hung up. I called a friend and asked her to pray for me. She stayed on the phone until Steve came home. The pain just kept getting worse. I thought I was going to die.

Steve, my loving nurse, came in and took one look at me (at this time writhing in pain on the bathroom floor) and said, "You're either having a heart attack or it's your gallbladder. YOU are going to the hospital." Since Steve works with the sickest of the sick, when he recommends going to the hospital, it always concerns me. So off we went....

Want to insure a very prolonged ER visit? Go in complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath! Although the ER was very full and I did have to sit and wait for about an hour. It doesn't do to know too much - I kept asking Steve what the window was for the administration of TNK in the event I WAS having a heart attack.

They finally put me in a cardiac room (the lady who took my information put it on a "medicine" sheet when she should have put it on a chest pain sheet - a nurse was reviewing the sheets, saw my symptoms, and called me back as soon as she saw that), hooked me to heart monitors, and did an EKG and chest x-ray. And drew blood. Lots of blood.

The good news - my cardiac workup was negative. But my blood work showed elevated liver enzymes and they sent me for an ultrasound. I have gallstones. I'm too young for gallstones! Actually, I guess I'm not. And it does run in my family. They did a few more blood tests and called the surgeon and he said to send me home to follow up with him in his office on Thursday.

So now I have a surgery consult tomorrow. I don't want to have surgery! The only surgery I've ever had was oral surgery for an impacted tooth. I'm afraid it'll be downhill from now on. So I'm researching alternatives on the internet. If anyone has had gallbladder stones and used a non-surgical remedy, PLEASE let me know! I'd be very interested.

Okay, since I haven't taken any pictures, I'll have to post some taken by Brooke. She gave the ferret a bath and we laughed at him rubbing around on the sofa to fluff himself up. The cats, of course, were very interested in his grooming process.


Debbie said...

Oh , Ginger, how scary! I'm so glad it wasn't your heart, but what a bummer about the gallbladder.

Kristine said...

I wouldn't have guessed that cats and ferrets would get along! Very interesting!

Ginger, I've watched a friend have a gall bladder attack, and it was quite shocking. Something about watching someone else writhing around on the floor . . . one more advantage to having a dh nurse.

kmrose said...

The ferret picture was a surprise after the pain and er part of your blog, lol. I hope all goes well with the consult.

Ginger said...


Libby (grey cat) has always loved Ferris and, until recently when he has really slowed down, she would be the first one to tire of the games. We have to watch Stewart, though. He was a barn cat and is quite the mouser - when we first got him, he'd go after Ferris, but now he just watches him closely - of course, we always supervise any interaction.

I would have been shocked watching myself, too. I would have never thought a "gall bladder attack" would be so very painful. But, boy howdy, that was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.

Kathy in WA said...

Wow! That sounds terrible. I am SO glad it wasn't your heart. Sorry you had to sit in ER for so long. Praying for you!

Keeping up with Joneses said...

Gall bladder attacks are terrible. I had them for over a year and didn't know what it was. I kept thinking I had a stomach virus. I remember laying on the floor in agony and not having a clue what was wrong.
My last one was in September 2006. It was terrible and I could no longer take the pain. I finally told my dh that I was going to the ER b/c I couldn't handle it. When I got there they drew blood and I was taken up for an ultrasound.
The ultrasound showed I was loaded up with gallstones. My gallbladder had to come out. I was really upset b/c we were going on vacation in a few days.
The other problem I ran into was that my liver was starting to fail. They ended up keeping me in the hospital b/c my liver was very "angry," as the doctor put it. The doctor told me if I had waited and not come in I probably would have died the following week. Yikes!!
The surgery wasn't bad. I have had three c-sections. I did go on vacation the day after the surgery. I personally would not suggest that. lol
Recovery is a week. Make sure you walk a lot afterwards to move the gas. I was up the same night of the surgery walking b/c of the gas in my belly.
Praying for a quick recovery.

Jodi said...

Love the pictures of your ferret and cats. I hope your surgery goes well. that sounds ike a huge scare when you didn't know what was cayusig the pain.

Emily said...

Ginger . . .(praying) . . .how scary!! I can't imagine the pain you were feeling. I never realized the pain that comes with a gall bladder attack.

Queen Bee said...

Yikes... that was quite a scare you had! Glad it wasn't your heart. I had a scare myself back in Dec when I went to have my DOT card renewed and the dr said I needed to see a cardiologist ASP! Later I found it odd that he renewed my medical card if he really had concerns about my heart, but at the moment it scared me and he set up an appt with said cardiologist before I even left the office. Anyway... turns out it was nothhing, but it gave me a fright for about a month until I was given a green light!