Thursday, March 8, 2007

Warm Fuzzies

This picture is in response to my homeschooling group's blog challenge. We were supposed to take a picture of our socks. :^D Most of my socks are boring white, but this pair reveals one of my deep secrets - I love Snoopy! I receive a daily Peanuts comic strip and have so far collected three of the Complete Peanuts compilations. I also have one coveted pair of Snoopy PJs and I know I'll be sad when I've worn them completely out. When I saw Snoopy socks at Walmart this past Christmas, I was in heaven! They had six different pair and my plan was to buy three one paycheck and three the next. Alas, when I went back for the final three, they were sold out! Next time I'll just blow the budget and get all six pair at once. (Just kidding, Steve!) This love of Snoopy goes back to my childhood and I even had books of the original strips when the kids were very young (and Lucy and Linus weren't even born yet)!

I chose this particular pair because the wish for snow is one of every young person (and many old) in Louisiana. Perhaps every ten years or so, we will be blessed with a light dusting of the white stuff. People literally will wake their children from their beds if it happens in the middle of the night. So while the rest of the US is digging out of snow, here in Louisiana, with buds on the trees and temperatures in the 70's, I'm still wishing for snow.

So now you know my deep, dark secrets!


Debbie said...

Oh, Ginger, it is so not nice of you to brag about your warm weather. It was -10 degrees this morning!

Love the socks! :-)

Ginger said...

Wow! Minus 10! I literally cannot wrap my mind around being that cold! I lived in New Jersey for three years and spent a few weeks in the dead of winter in the Black Forest in Germany, but have never felt such cold! I'm getting chills just thinking of it. Guess I need to turn the a/c down. ;^D

Jodi said...

Great socks! I like Snoopy too. I still have my stuffed snoopy from when I was little. Not wishing for snow here though, wishing for it to melt. LOL

Kathy in WA said...

Cool socks!!! We have some serious Snoopy/Peanuts fans in our house but NO ONE has funky socks like that. :)

Queen Bee said...

TOO CUTE! My blog is always too far behind to participate in any of the SHS challenges... although I did take a minute to upload a wedding photo when the wedding challenge came up.