Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lazy Week

Some pictures of my flowers, before they die.
I've spent most of this week being quite lazy, recovering from my surgery. Today I got the wild idea that someone (read: ME) needed to mow the grass. We do have a riding lawn mower, but we have about five acres that need mowing. I was just endeavoring to do our front and back yards. It was a nice day and the girls and I brought some of our reading outdoors to the swing. I had to trek through almost knee-high weeds to get to the swing and was worried about snakes. Thus the sudden desire to mow. That and the knowledge that it is supposed to rain here again this weekend. I called Steve to see if it would be allowed. He said my only constraints were pain. I wasn't feeling any and he said to stop if I started. So I mowed just part and felt very tired. Perhaps Brooke can finish before we go to homeschool PE tomorrow.

KitKat: She is our oldest cat, probably about 12 or 13. She is crippled on her front right leg and has been since she followed Joshua home. She always looks grouchy, but she is really a sweetheart. She never gets into trouble and is pretty low maintenance. When she decides she needs attention (maybe once a week or so), she will come up and head-butt you until you pet her. Five minutes is all she needs, then she's off for another nap. Here she's sleeping in Morgan's bed, head on the pillow and under the covers.

Libby takes this position every single morning when we leave to feed the horses. Her back end is on my Mama's cedar chest and her front legs are leaning on the window sill. She looks so cute. She adores Brooke and cannot stand when she is gone. When Brooke comes in the door from the barn, Libby jumps down from this vantage point and greets her at the door.

Stewart - our troublemaker. Here he is on Morgan's fish tank. Stewart is either knocking things on the floor, dipping his feet into the back of the fish tank trying to catch a snack, splashing water out of the dogs' water bowl, knocking over and digging in the trashcans, or starting something with one of the other cats. But he still tends to look sweet and innocent despite it all - and he is definitely Steve's favorite cat. Probably because they are usually BOTH getting into trouble. :^D


Kristine said...

Ginger, I just love your blog. Your posts are varied and interesting, and you take FABULOUS pics!

Was Stewart named for Stuart Little (wondering because of the all-white)?


Ginger said...

Kristine, You are so sweet. Thank you.

Yes, Stewart was named in honor of Stuart Little because he has many "mouse-like" qualities - his white color, his pink pigmentation, his extremely long, thin tail. But Morgan wanted to spell it with a W in honor of her favorite root beer. :^D

Jodi said...

Sooooooo cute! I have been meaning to do a post about all our cats too, you've reminded me!

Queen Bee said...

LOVELY flowers!