Saturday, March 3, 2007

Many minis

Yesterday and today, the girls and I were at a craft show with my Stampin' Up! business. Next to the craft show was a miniature horse farm.
They invited Brooke and her friend over to see the horses.
They have about 80 horses and are currently expecting about 30 babies within the next month. They were so cute! Thanks to the D'Armond's for letting the girls' visit. Here's the website to the mini horse farm:


Jodi said...

Oh my they are so cute! I want one. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's been very hard losing Holly. I have been meaning to check you blog when noticed that you started one and kept forgetting. You have great pictures, glad I finally got over here for a look.

Ginger said...

Jodi, if you think Brooke's pictures are cute, go to their website! The pictures of them holding the newborns are simply precious! They evidently sell them all over the world.

Thank you for your sweet words, Jodi. I'm having fun with it!

Jodi said...

Against my better judgement I clicked through to their site. Cuteness overload! thought miniature goats were cute these are even cuter. Someday when I'm grown up (LOL) I'll have to have a miniature farm. Well our house is a farm with a barn but it needs major work.