Friday, March 9, 2007

Scrapbook Club Night

I have spent yesterday and today frantically cleaning my house in preparation for my scrap club tonight. Having the stomach flu for six days really did a number on my house. It's messy on a good day. Not only did I get the house clean, but I also managed to go through and organize my scrap desk. Not that any scrapbooking actually occurs on the desktop - it's way too small. But now my "piles" are organized and there is method to my madness.

Here is a picture of the layout we did at the class. We used metallic pencils and in real life, the flowers shimmer and are very pretty.

Class was fun and ended fairly early. Early enough for me to finish the layouts for Brooke and Joshua. I have books for me and Steve, and separate books for each of the three children. When I do a layout for my book, I duplicate it for the kids' books - or at least the kids who are in those particular pictures.

And - ta da - the dirt is finished. And the grand total is......174 loads of dirt. Steve cannot believe it was so much. It must have given him a headache because he didn't say much after that and went to bed. Now to have a compaction test by the parish and we can call the plumbers. I feel like a start has been made.


galenaspencers said...

Celebrate every little step in building, Ginger! My girls thought we were crazy because we would celebrate so much. We always would get some kind of sparkling drink and toast every little accomplishment. Dirt, grading, framing, inspections, etc. I do mean EVERYTHING!

Debbie said...

Wow, Ginger...pages for you and your children. I'm very impressed.

I'm figuring that will the advancement in color copying that the kids can copy any of my pages they want to take and fight over my books when I'm dead! :-p

Great job on getting so much done.

Jodi said...

The pages look very pretty and too am impressed that you make copies for the children.

Congratulations of the dirt! That's A LOT of dirt!!

Queen Bee said...

FUN! Does someone teach a "class" when you have your club? Do you each take turns? I think I already mentioned that I had to give up doing separate kids' albums two kids ago (LOL). WAY TO GO! I think you must be superwoman when it comes to scrapbooking! Love the page, btw.