Friday, March 16, 2007

Old Friends from Texas

Later tonight, we had some friends from Texas come visit. I went to school with Danny and we were best friends. He met his wife, Missy, the summer before our senior year and brought her over for me to "approve" before he'd start dating her. After we were all married, they bought a house right around the corner from ours and we were all four together much of the time. We'd eat dinner, play Uno until all hours of the night, and laugh. How we'd laugh! They had the first child and 10 months later, we had Joshua. Unfortunately by this time we were in New Jersey and we missed them terribly. When we moved back, their son Page and Joshua were inseparable friends until they moved to Texas when Page was six years old. We have visited back and forth, but I still miss them.

This is our crew back in 1998 - Steve, Morgan, Brooke, Desiree', Page, Joshua, Paul - Danny and Missy are in the back. I'm behind the lens, as usual.

I cannot believe our kids are so grown up now - Page is almost 20 and Josh is 19. And we still laugh when we all get together. When I speak with Joshua, he will be sad he missed their visit - he is in Miami on vacation before leaving for boot camp in two weeks.

Nonstop talking with this crew - and talking with your hands IS mandatory!

Ginger and Missy
We can't even stop laughing for a picture.

Steve and Danny, always in deep, philosophical discussions.

This handsome dude is their oldest, Page. He's the quiet one of the bunch. I hear he makes up for it chatting on the computer. :^)

What a beautiful young lady Desiree' has become.

And last, but not least, is Paul. He's the musician of the family - he plays five and is in a couple of different bands at school - marching, jazz, and I can't remember what else.

There is nothing like catching up with old friends. It was sad to when it was time for them to leave. Perhaps one day we'll buy land near them in Texas and we'll be together again - playing Uno and laughing the night away!


Kathy in WA said...

It is wonderful to catch up with old friends. I could feel the warmth and laughter from here. Great old picture along side the new ones. Friends are so precious!

Queen Bee said...

Some of our dearest friends have also moved away and it's so much fun to catch up with them every few years.... !