Saturday, March 17, 2007

Scrapbooking with Buddies

I was supposed to go to a big scrapbooking crop with a bunch of friends, but it was cancelled. How disappointing. So two friends and I decided to get together at my house and crop all by ourselves. Here are Janet, myself, and Angie, hard at work.

Okay, Janet was making a face. Here's a better one of her...

Janet's daughter, Mariah, came to keep Brooke company. Here she is with Delilah. I love her dimples.


Emily said...

What a fun time getting together with friends . .and even Delilah had a friend too!

Queen Bee said...

FUN! I really need to schedule some serious scrapbooking time this summer!!!! I'd do it sooner, but there are only 5 weeks left until dd graduates so there's no time for scrapbooking right now.