Monday, March 5, 2007

Life and Death, Through Morgan's Eyes

While we were at the barn, Morgan took my camera and snapped these photos. The first is a picture of a little yearling at the barn. This little filly is so full of life, so exuberant in how she frisks about and explores her world. The girls love to walk over to her little pasture and watch her.

On the other hand, we have a picture of death. Two male turkeys who, instead of mating, spent their days fighting each other and all the other turkeys, male and female. The barn owner shot them before they killed other turkeys in the flock, and so mating could occur and life could continue.

I found Morgan's two pictures very poignant, even if she didn't mean them to be.

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Queen Bee said...

Do you live on a farm? You mentioned a barn, but I'm not quite picturing if it's on property near your home or somewhere else since one of the pictures looked like the houses were close together. Anyway... life and death is seen everyday on a farm.... or in the country.