Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And to All a Good Night!

After we had Christmas with Steve's family, then went to the barn and took care of the horses, we were able to come back home and have our own family Christmas. First the stockings.

Steve has traditionally done stockings. The kids EXPECT beef jerky. :^P Just the thought turns my stomach. I have pictures of Morgan eating beef jerky in her PJs at less than two years of age on Christmas morning. But they love it. I do PJs, Steve does BJ! They usually also get a chocolate orange and Hanukkah Gelt. What a Christmas Stocking combo! But this was what I got in MY stocking.....

YUM!!! Much better than beef jerky! Only Stewart didn't think so! He wants some of Morgan's jerky! Badly!

Okay, since I rarely EVER post pictures of myself, I decided I'd post the ones Joshua took this evening. I am in very few pictures and those I am in usually get deleted - by me. It was late, it had been a LOOOONG day, and I am exhausted. But I'll post them anyway. So now Steve can't tell me I post "bad" pictures of him and "only the good ones" of me. These aren't flattering. But, oh well.

I got some new cologne. It was really funny that when I opened the top to sniff it, ALL the poodles came to sniff, too!

Cosette sneezed right after this picture! I guess she didn't like that scent!

Delilah thought it smelled good enough to eat, though!

I was giving her kisses and asked her if she loved me. I could see her smile. See the corner of her mouth going up in a smile? She will do that on command, too! My sweet girl.

Brooke was excited about her new horse poster. I'll have it framed for her new room.

Libby the Christmas Kitty. Actually, she's on the prowl for a bag of beef jerky. When Brooke opened hers, Libby came running from the back of the house like a streak! All the beef jerky will be put in upper cabinets for safe keeping tonight. As for me, I'm hiding my Reeses Cups!


Cynthia said...

Cute pics. We always do our stockings first, too.

We buy beef jerky and pepperoni sticks for the boys. I like chocolate (LOL)!

Junebug said...

That Stewart cat is great!

Emily said...

What great pictures! I especially love the one of you with the perfume and the poodles! Priceless!

De'Etta said...

Yum - I want your stocking. What a spectacular horse drawing.

Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Berry Patch said...

I'm with you, Ginger! Bring on the chocolate! LOL I did get my hubby some beef jerky for his sock though. :-)