Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Inconsistent Blogger

What's up with Ginger? She used to be such a good blogger, usually posting daily. Now it seems to be hit or miss with her. What has she been up to?

Oh, I see - she's been up to the top of a ladder, painting all the walls of the new house. Well, that explains it. Lovely hairdo, Ginger. teeheeheehee

Occasionally she can coerce her darling daughters to join her. (Morgan, have you been tasting the paint again?)

(Okay, the girls were strong-armed by Aunt Connie.) This day, with the help of the girls and Aunt Connie, the girls bedrooms and the guest room were all painted with the first coat. That was a big job. Many hands make for light work. Too bad there aren't "many hands" most days. :::hint, hint to the younger crowd:::


Laura in MO said...

How exciting that you are painting in your new house!!! And we "forgive" you for being inconsistent. :) You've had a few things going on! :)

Cynthia said...

Weren't you planning to spray it on? I see you're using rollers! It'll sure be nice to have that job behind you! Just think of all the blogging time you'll have after you get all settled into your new house.

Ginger said...

Cynthia, we wanted to spray the primer and perhaps the ceilings, but wanted to roll the walls. HOWEVER, when we looked at the rental costs of the spray rig, we decided rolling was the way to go. :::grin:::

De'Etta said...

Wow - you are making great progress!