Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Traditions

On Christmas Eve, as long as my children can remember, we have gone to Steve's sister, Connie's house. She has finger foods (the meatballs and Little Smoky sausages are favorites) and chocolate fondue and loads of other yummy things to eat. There is singing around the piano, one of those fancy digital pianos that can change your voice, so singing The Grinch is always fun. Connie always reads The Cajun Night Before Christmas, complete with fake Cajun accent. Then the kids get their gifts from Connie and Greg.

When we come home, our own little tradition starts. We get to open ONE gift each. And, surprise, it's always new pajamas. I know many families have this tradition, but it's one I didn't have growing up as a child. My bestest friend, Joy, always got pajamas on Christmas Eve and I thought that was the very neatest thing. So when I was pregnant with Joshua, I started the Christmas Eve Pajama Tradition.

This year, while Steve and I were shopping, I told him I needed to get the kids' pajamas. He said, "Look, I need to tell you that the only one who really likes this tradition is YOU. No one else wants pajamas on Christmas Eve."

First, I was shocked. But I didn't quite believe him. The kids always will mention the Pajama Gifts, starting way before December. It is also tradition for me to deny to the very opening of the boxes that I got them pajamas. And the MINUTE we got home from shopping, Morgan asked, "Did you get our Christmas Eve pajamas?" I told her that her Daddy said no one liked the Christmas Eve pajama tradition. Her mouth fell open and she turned on her heel to go find Steve. :^) I guess someone does like Christmas pajamas after all!

So tonight when we got home from Connie's, the kids (and Steve) opened their Christmas pajamas. The second part of this tradition entails pictures IN our new Christmas pajamas in front of the tree. We have no tree this year, and I didn't get Christmas pajamas because Steve's been working every single day for months, but we did take pictures.

No one was cooperating with me and the dogs were attacking Steve in his Grinch pajamas. with me, people.

You guys are getting there, but not quite. Joshua, quit making weird faces. Stewart, stop touching Morgan's face. POODLES, leave Daddy alone!

You're not listening!

Cute one! I unfortunately had to crop out Grinch Daddy. He was being eaten by a Poodle.

Aww....Brooke and Delilah are being so sweet! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Cynthia said...

So they DO like the Christmas pjs? That's another fun sounding tradition that I never got around to (LOL)...

Junebug said...

The picture with your three kids and cats is excellent.

Ginger said...

Yes, they do like their PJs. Joshua is probably the least attached to the tradition because he doesn't often wear PJs. This year I found some fun ones that have a little cartoony picture of what looks like WWII pin-up girls all over them. He thought those were quite cool! The one thing I got for him with his Christmas PJs one year was a pair of very fuzzy chocolate brown socks and he LOVES those - still wears them a whole lot!

Emily said...

I always bought Christmas pj's for the kids too but as the kids have got older it is harder. Now, for the boys I just buy flannel bottoms and let them wear a hoodie or t-shirt of choice and the girls . .thank goodness there is Old Navy or some other store to buy some cute Christmas pj's. I usually pass them out on our annual Christmas Decorate the House Day!