Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family Christmas

Steve had to work today, but only an 8-hour shift. The kids and I ate lunch at my in-laws, then we passed the time until Steve got off at 3. Then we went back for gifts with the family.

Joshua and Connie are COVERED in gifts!

My nephew, Zachary, and his adorable girlfriend, Lina.

Cousins Morgan and Grant, waiting patiently for their gifts to be passed around.

Wow! What a bunch of paper and boxes on the floor! Connie and Greg's poor little puppy went into another part of the house before the opening started and she couldn't get through all the paper!

Another Painted Pony for Brooke's collection. I think she has five, so far. This one is Gingerbread Pony.

Brooke was quite funky for Christmas. Her best friend, Christina, gave her the pink hair. They are just clip in extensions, but Brooke loves them. Lina did her makeup. She was stylin' and profilin'. :^)

Joshua, looking all cool in his new hoodie from Nana.


Cynthia said...

FUN HAIR extension!

Junebug said...

I like Brooke's pink hair clippy. My oldest daughter has had some pink in her hair for years. Right now not, but usually.

Emily said...

My daughter would love the pink hair extension!!!!

Teeny said...

Glad you had a fantastic Christmas in spite of the house ordeal...it's nice to see you all smiling! LOVE IT!! And Teeny will be glad she enjoyed the extensions so much - she looks smashing :-D