Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Decorations

My homeschool yahoo group had a "blog challenge" to post pictures of our Christmas decorations. Because of being so busy with the new house, we decided not to put up a tree this year. Brooke and Morgan did dig out our wreath for the door and found some pine garland that they draped over the entertainment center and decorated with a few ornaments. Here's a picture of the ornament I received from the SHS Ornament Exchange. Thanks, Mandy!!!

I've participated for a couple of years and LOVE this. I love receiving lovely ornaments from all over the country and it is fun to pull them out and remember the giver year after year.

I decided I'd take some pictures of my mother-in-law's decorations. She has three trees. I photographed two of them. This is the one in the living room.

It is decorated with Victorian dolls, old world Santas, roses, and other lovely Victorian ornaments.

Her kitchen is done all in gingerbread. There is a whole separate tree in the kitchen with ornaments that look good enough to eat! And the gingerbread theme doesn't stop with the tree - it goes all over the kitchen!

This is a very old buffet that my mother-in-law stripped and painted some years ago. It's a beautiful piece. It's right by the door that comes into the kitchen.

Here are the shelves across from the buffet. See all the gingerbread people and houses here? There are also strands of faux popcorn and cranberries spilling out of a tin.

My mother-in-law even made Christmassy valences a few years ago for the two large windows in the kitchen. They are adorable! She puts large mason jars along the window ledge and fills them with white lights and between each one is a gingerbread person.

Gingerbread is everywhere! I love that she has carried her theme to all the corners of her kitchen. It is so cute!

So these aren't MY decorations, but I get to enjoy them every time I walk next door! And my MIL has done such a better job than I'll ever do. :^)


Cynthia said...

How nice that your mil lives so close!

Ginger said...

It is nice. I know people who wouldn't want to life next door to their in-laws, but God has truly blessed me with wonderful in-laws and I'm so glad that they grafted me in! I feel like a daughter rather than an "in-law." They are super people and I love them so much.

renecoston said...

My goodness! I wish I was gifted in such a way to be able to decorate so beautifully! She has a gift! I'd submit these to a magazine!!! :-)