Friday, May 18, 2007


My Darling Steve,

Happy Anniversary on this celebration of 22 years as husband and wife. When I promised on this date, 22 years ago, I truly had no idea what love was. I thought I loved you. But I was young and self-centered.
We have had many trials and triumphs over the years. I have tried to honor and obey you, yet have many times fallen short, but I have never failed to love you with everything that is within me. God has truly blessed me with such a wonderful husband. Thank you for choosing me to be your bride.
With All My Love,


Kathy in WA said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a gorgeous set of pictures. Sweet words about love and marriage.

Kristine said...

Ah, Ginger, your post immediately sprang tears to my eyes! Robert's and my anniversary is this week. We were talking this a.m. about how (in the world did!) we end up married to each other. Definitely a God thing, we are so blessed.

Happy Anniversary, and may the next 22 be even more wonderful!

Cynthia said...

Happy Anniversary! We're not far behind you. It'll be 22 years for us in Oct.

Anonymous said...

You two are a precious couple - with a beautiful post honoring God's works in your life. I loved it. I hope you had a nice dinner the other night -
Love you

Kassiah said...

Happy Anniversary, I didn't know! You sure were pretty in that wedding picture (not as pretty as you are now though!) and Steve was rather dapper in those WHITE gloves! :)

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary, Ginger!