Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hello, My Little Chickadee!!!

Next door at my mother-in-law's, there is this pipe sticking up out of the ground about five feet and next to the faucet for the water hose. The girls would go there to turn on the hose and a chickadee would fuss at them from a nearby tree. The girls figured she had a nest around somewhere and so would hide to watch her. She would go down into the pipe! She had laid two eggs in the nest inside the pipe. The girls have kept vigil over the nest and eggs, then over the babies, watching them grow. Because they were quite far down in the pipe, we couldn't get a picture of them at all. But now the babies are growing up and learning to fly. This little guy flew to the top of a window sill. The girls were very excited to see the babies thriving, but are sad that they will be leaving for good. Thus a bittersweet lesson on raising children....

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