Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ginger Needs....

Dragonfly photo that has nothing to do with this post, courtesy of Brooke

My blogging friend in the UK gave a new challenge - go to Google and put in your first name, "needs," and search. Post the top 10 hits. (Don't GO to the pages - you'll never know WHAT will show up!) Simple enough. Here are mine, keeping in mind that most people, when introduced to me for the first time, greet me with "I had a dog/cat/horse/goat/ferret/etc. named Ginger." Thanks.

Ginger Needs...

  1. Ginger needs a family that will help her forget her past. (Dog)
  2. Ginger needs to be grated into tiny pieces. (Spice)
  3. Ginger needs loving. (Dog)
  4. Ginger needs a royal attitude adjustment. (Hmm...quite true on some days!)
  5. Ginger needs a home. (Dog)
  6. Ginger needs to ensure the individuals fulfilling the roles of test designer and test manager were included in the review of the requirements. (?)
  7. Ginger is becoming very stressed and depressed in her kennel. She needs a foster home. (Dog)
  8. Ginger needs money. (That's pretty accurate!)
  9. Ginger needs your help! (Dog)
  10. Ginger needs dunking. (Especially after cleaning out horse stalls!!!)

So I guess this is what I would need. If I were a dog.


De'Etta said...

Wow - what a gorgeous photo of a dragonfly.

Kristine said...

And Brooke does it again. I'm thinking she should have her own photo blog . . . You can always ban comments or set up other security. But we want to see it!

Your "Ginger needs" crack me up--I wouldn't have made the connection about dog/spice. LOL!

Anonymous said...

thought your "needs" were cute, here are mine:
Keep in mind the first time people meet me they say, "is that spelled wrong/how do you pronounce your name/where did that come from?"

Elen Needs...

Elen needs...Did you mean: ellen needs

Elen's nun habit has never quite fit...

'Elen needs help, you know.'...

Elen needs a new email...

Elen needs a homepage...ELEN Homepage : TLTP3The ELEN project fulfils various inter-related needs which the Dearing Committee has identified as crucial to the entire U.K. h.e. sector. ...

Elen needs to be world readable

Elen needs to get some historical netCDF grid data.

Elen needs...The Wikipedia to have more articles about bookbinding methods and knowledge, not about artists.

Elen needs to write a Dissertation Help

Elen's browser needs Java to view projects

Romany said...

This was funny, Ginger.

I just think of Ginger Rogers when I hear that word!{g}