Friday, May 25, 2007

Loopy Friends

I have lots of loopy friends. Not loopy in the "silly, strange, crazed individual" definition of the word. Loopy as in "members of my Yahoo homeschool email loop" loopies. I've belonged to the SHS email group for a long time and consider many of these ladies to be friends, although I have never met any of them (okay - there's one loopy with whom I was friends before she joined the email group, but I don't count her) until today. And it was a "famous" loopy as well. :^) I met Amy Grant! (Well, no, not THAT Amy Grant!)

We should have met before. We attend the same church (big church and we attend different services). Our kids attend the same Homeschool PE group, but we've just never met at any of the mom's meetings or drop-off/pick-up time. I first "met" her on my SHS email group and have been reading her wonderful blog. Today was our end of the year swim party and we finally met today!

Morgan, Brooke, & Friends @ HPC's Homeschool PE End of the Year Luau

Amy was a real gem! Such a wonderful person! Her three boys are just adorable! And we had lots of great conversation with another mom from PE. Amy was just as much of a blessing in real life as she has been to me on her blog. We had a great day and have promised that we will definitely get together again soon!


Cynthia said...

FUN! I was wondering how y'all could go to the same church and PE and never meet. Did you "plan" to meet today or did it just happen?

Diann said...

That's fun that you actually got to meet! I want to come visit and meet you now too. You know, to "consult" on your house building project.

De'Etta said...

What a blast! Glad you two were able to make the connections and finally really meet. How funny you'd been orbitting around each other without out knowing.

Kristine said...

THIS is so cool! I didn't know that you and Amy met! It's FUN to meet other SHSers, in the beginning a little scary. At the same time I'm pulling up your blog page, I was pulling up Amy's on another tabbie, and I was thinking, HEY!

Cynthia said...

Will you please email me at I want to find out if I can post a link to your blog since I want to share your lime trifle recipe which I'm making today. I need to know if it's ok to share the recipe.
Cynthia from SHS

Emily said...

Bridget, I always enjoy meeting my "cyber friends" . . . the computer sure makes the world not seem so big!

Shari said...

Wow, to be so close to each other and meet on the WORLD WIDE WEB!