Friday, May 25, 2007

KitKat Attack

I bought a snack of jalapeno poppers from Arby's today to share with Joshua and KitKat acted like she hadn't eaten in a week! She jumped on his lap and was standing on her hind legs. She was so funny! I had to grab my camera, of course.

"Mmmm....what is that appetizing good smell?"

"Smelling is not enough. Just hand over the jalapeno popper, and no one will get hurt. I'm sure it's going to taste delicious!"

"Okay, you rotten boy. I'm working hard here to reach this snack. The least you can do is put it low enough for me to bite. An old, crippled kitty gets no respect."

"Finally - success!"

He did give her just a little bite of cheese. Then quickly consumed the rest of the poppers so KitKat wouldn't be tempted further. Very noble of him, don't you think? :^)


Kristine said...

I know why the cats at our house would NEVER get a popper--because it would kill their litter box! (I was trying to figure out a way to make that 'popper' 'pooper' but I haven't had my coffee this morning yet.)

Berry Patch said...

Kit-Kat looks just like my last kitty. Love torties! :-) Her name was McKenna.