Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Poodles' Post

Today Mommy turned the blog over to us - Delilah, Abrial, and Cosette. We had a fun day today and wanted to share it with you. Mommy took the pictures. Okay, she did the typing too. We have that "no opposable thumbs" issue going on that makes typing very difficult. But we told her what to say....really!

This afternoon, we had An Adventure. We went across the Back Field to the place Mommy and Daddy call The New House. We just see a big pile of dirt! But we're going there anyway. Follow us! Run! Faster! Faster!!!

Here's Delilah checking out The House. We still don't think it looks like a house, but if they say so..... Anyway, some people they called The Diggers came by today and really made a big mess! We get a Time Out in our Crate when we do this!

Ohh....and there's Daddy, digging some more! Someone should tell him about that Time Out thing. But I think he's too big to fit in a crate.

More important than The New House would be all the Interesting Smells from the Back Neighbors! Those are some of the weirdest looking dogs we have ever seen!!! Abrial was shy. She wouldn't come up and meet the New Neighbors. But Cosette is a Much Braver Poodle.

What in the world is this creature? It reminds me of something Mommy cooks.....what could it be?

Ham! Of course! We should have know!

Well, it's time to head back. Follow Cosette. She knows the way home!

Thanks for playing with us today! Come again soon!

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Cynthia said...

Fun to see a new perspective (LOL).