Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Old Home Place

Okay, so it's really the NEW homeplace! We spent time working on the lot this week and Steve staked off the house corners in preparation for the forming of the slab. Here he is on our "hill" with some expensive-looking piece of equipment. Don't ask me what it does. I think it makes sure everything is straight and level and it can measure distances (I believe). He explains and my brain turns to mush as I stare blankly, nod, and say, "Um hum, yes, I see." Kind of like what he would do if I started talking about some new scrapbooking toy (like a Wishblade - definitely on my Wish List)!

While Steve was busy, I played "step-and-fetch-it" and cleared brush from the side border, trying mightily to avoid all poison ivy, as I'm HIGHLY allergic.

While I was clearing, trimming, and pulling vine roots, I came across many a fat worm. Being the compassionate lover of nature I am, I decided to relocate the worms across our neighbor's fence and into........
.....the eager beaks of the chickens! LOL! They had a BALL with all the worms I tossed over! One would pick it up and run, the others would follow, and there would be a rousing game of "dodge chicken." After a while, the chickens just lined up at the fence and watched me work! Actually, they'd lose interest while I'd prune branches and rake, but when I'd start pulling vines, they would pay rapt attention!

I do dearly love chickens (strange for someone who is afraid of all other birds). We had chickens when we lived in the very house where these chickens live. (Okay, the chickens don't live in the house, but the land where the house is.) Steve's brother and his family bought the house and are our "across the back fence" neighbors.

In addition to the chickens, they have a pig........

.....and two goats. This is Fernando. He looks like he is saying "nyah nyah." They also have a female goat, but she's not as sociable as Fernando, who comes to the fence for head pats.

They also have dogs, but there is a building between the chicken yard and the dog kennels. They have outdoor dogs (black and tan coonhounds) and inside dogs (a lab, Yorkies, and a mixed breed). They're more of a zoo than we are! Imagine!


Cynthia said...

They gun (level) looks familiar! We use them a lot in our line of work. WOW.. that's a lot of animals your neighbor has. Hopefully they don't get out much!

Ginger said...

I just wish the hound dogs wouldn't bay. But because we specifically chose that lot and knew that it'd be backing up to my BIL, we placed all the bedrooms in the front of the house. But his "zoo" isn't as large as it once was - when they lived in another place, they also had donkeys and guineas. Those guinea fowl are LOUD!!!