Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Birthday Club

About 18 months ago, my SIL decided that she wanted to throw herself a birthday party. She sent out darling hand-made invitations that stated her agenda: 12 hours of girly fun including scrapbooking, a tea party, manicures and pedicures, chick flicks, dinner, and relaxing in the hot tub. She also stated the rules: no men, children, pets, annoying acquaintenances, or nosy neighbors. :^) She sent these to a few close friends and we had a WONDERFUL day! We decided right then and there that we needed to do it on a regular basis and we dubbed ourselves The Birthday Club.

We basically meet quarterly and have done different things at different places - out to eat, then cropping at a scrapbook store, another time we did a luau, and, our favorites, a four-course tea. But the basic agenda and the rules stay the same! We have a blast - it's a time for us to get away from our busy schedules. I cannot wait until my house is done - hosting The Birthday Club will be one of my first big events!

The May girls - Ashley, Janet, and me. We are ooohing and aaahing over Mickey's handmade cards!

Today we met for our spring birthdays and they all happen to be in May - my birthday was May 22, Ashley's was the 23rd, and Janet's is the 27th. We started with lunch at a great restaurant in town. I had the Pecan Tilapia! Mmm...... We didn't think to snap a picture until we had finished up all the yummy food.

The Birthday Club, minus one.

Then we went back to my SIL's for dessert (I made the Lime Berry Mousse Trifle) and presents. We walked over to our lot (two doors down from my SIL's house) because everyone wanted a "tour" of my house. :^) Then we talked, scrapbooked, snacked on an absolutely delicious spinach artichoke dip my SIL made, scrapbooked some more, did pedicures, ate a spinach salad with sliced strawberries, walnuts, and grilled chicken. Never got a chance to turn on the movie or hop into the hot tub. But we had a blast!

Me and my "stash!" Perhaps 42 will not be so bad after all!!!

It was a long time before I realized the importance of girlfriends, but I do now. This group of women from all walks of life, different ages, some married, some not, some with kids, some without are such a blessing to me. They are there when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to rejoice at my little victories. And I am honored to be there for them.

We laugh a LOT!!! Here I am with some Peanuts rubber stamps. I love Peanuts!

Here I am with another Peanuts gift - Janet gave me the fourth Complete Peanuts book - I collect these! Did I mention I love, love, love Peanuts?


Berry Patch said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger!!!!

Cynthia said...

That sounds like a TON OF FUN!

Emily said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Shari said...

What a great group of friends.

Debbie said...

Happy belated birthday, Ginger!

I envy your great group of girlfriends. I've always wanted a few friends that I could get together with but it has never happened.

Kathy in WA said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun tradition to start. I think girlfriends are so important. Sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends.

Kristine said...

As usual, I'm behind. Happy Birthday! And my dh is a huge Peanuts fan. Just last week, we had to go hunt for a specific Peanuts DVD with a special feature. You can tell I'm not into them at all, (g).

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys had a sorry I missed it! But I did have an awesome time in Colorado - and now have TONS more pictures to scrap *grin*