Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stinkin' Cat

This stinkin' cat of Brooke's. *I* am the one who told Joshua to rescue her off the hot church parking lot pavement. *I* am the one who tenderly cared for her blistered little paws. *I* am the one who talked Steve into letting us keep her. *I* am the one who makes sure she receives proper medical care. Does she appreciate me at all? NO! She hates everyone, with the sole exception of Brooke.

Look at this picture? Do I look like I'm pinching the stinkin' cat? Does it look like I'm pulling her tail? NO! I'm rubbing her neck and talking sweetly to her. Look at her "mad ears" turned sideways. Look at her squinty eyed glare. You can't hear it, but she was growling at me. Mean, ungrateful cat.

Now look at this picture......

Harrumph! A look of utter contentment with an actual SMILE on her fuzzy little face. Unfair. So unfair. ;^)

On another note, our supper for tonight was just a plain one - Pan Sauteed Rosemary Herb Tilapia, Maple Glazed Baby Carrots, and Mukimame (shelled edamame - sweet green soybeans). It was simple, yet very yummy. I even fixed a plate for the manager of our barn for his supper tomorrow night as a "thank you" in advance for feeding our horses so we can go to Mississippi to see my Dad before he heads back to China.


Kassiah said...

Simple dinner? My foot! Why don't you ever invite me when you are having "simple dinner"?--you don't have to feed the gang, just me. I will feed Todd and the Kids your fave...fried bologna sandwiches :) BTW, I am just kidding, I am not trying to invite myself. I will just come! LOL

Ginger said...

It was simple! From start to finish less than 20 minutes! And only four ingredients, not including salt, pepper, and butter!

You and your family are welcome anytime! But keep your fried bologna sandwiches at home! :^D

Kathy in WA said...

My goodness, I agree, you call that a 'simple' dinner? Sounds wonderful! Where do you buy your fish? I'd love to include more of it in our diet but the budget is tight right now.

Oh, I meant to tell you, Rachel commented on your comment. Thanks for writing on the blog. :)

Ginger said...

Kathy, I just buy my fish at Wal-Mart. The tilapia comes frozen and each fillet is individually wrapped. Salmon I prefer fresh and will usually ask the clerk to put a bag over it and let me feel it through the bag - and I sniff it, too. :^D I've bought bad fish before and it's an experience I'd not like to repeat.

Kristine said...

Dd has a cat like this, but at least I haven't done anything that would make me deserve gratitude or respect!

Pumpkin is such a snotty little brat around everyone else. She even corrals the poor 55 lb. dog into his bed. But she gets all lovely and nice to Holly. I always tell Holly they are SO much alike, lol!

Maybe you should try giving her a taste of that tilapia!

Junebug said...

Do you have a recipe for that tilapia, I've always wanted to try to fix tilapia, but never have.