Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice! Proverbs 23:25

I was awakened this morning with TWO bouquets of flowers! I thought, " from the kids and one from Steve?" But the cards were signed IDENTICALLY from two different florists. So I called Steve (who has been working since last Wednesday) and he said, "Umm....that was a mistake!" He evidently was searching different online florists and pulled up two different ones. He, some way or another, ordered two separate bouquets from two different companies using two different local florists. Weird. He didn't even realize it until they were delivered. He had them (thinking it was "it") delivered to his work yesterday. When it didn't come when expected, he called them. They said, "Oh, we called the hospital and they said there was no patient admitted with the name Steve C." He said, "I'M STEVE C AND I'M THE CHARGE NURSE WORKING IN ICU!!! DELIVER MY FLOWERS TO ME SO I CAN GIVE THEM TO MY WIFE TOMORROW!" They said a polite "yes, sir" and brought them over post haste. :^D

So I wound up with two bouquets of flowers! I love them both, but tulips are my very favorite flowers. Everyone can like roses - give me something a little unique and quirky. Like me, I guess!

Then I was supposed to have another gift "delivered" this morning, Steve told me. I called him on the way to church and said it didn't come. He asked if I had checked my email. I said yes. He said it should have been in my email. I asked who it was from and he said the kids. I said no, whose return email address will it be under, and he said Coldwater Creek (my favorite store). Whoops! I thought it was an advertisement and deleted it without reading because I was pressed for time before church. He called the customer service department and they sent it again. I have it and did NOT delete it this time! And I'm looking forward to my shopping spree! I'll check out the online sales first!

Then Brooke wanted to take me out to eat after church. We went with some friends and their children and my friend's DH wouldn't let us pay. What sweet friends!
We went to the barn and the girls cleaned out my horse's stall so I didn't have to scoop horse poop on Mother's Day! :^D We came home, Joshua changed the lawn mower blades for me, and I mowed a couple of acres until the sun went down. For supper, Steve took us all to the new IHOP in town. The waitress must have been shell-shocked or something after this afternoon - it took 45 minutes to get our drink order. I wasn't hungry after my big, late lunch, so I just got a stuffed French toast, which was like a dessert! Yum!
All of my children separately made me lovely hand crafted Mother's Day cards and had them around the house - Brooke's was in the refrigerator, Morgan's on my dresser, and Josh's on the computer. Josh told me hand-stamping a card was harder than it looked! LOL! He also told me to look on the back at his "Hallmark" - he had written "J's Cards - (our phone number) - Don't Call After 10 PM!" I laughed at that! His friends would call late at night and that's definitely a pet peeve with me. I've got most of them trained by now. But it really made me laugh.
I have had a wonderful, blessed day with my family! Thank you to all my wonderful kiddos and my great husband! I love you all! Thanks for making me feel so loved and giving me so many reasons to rejoice!


Kathy in WA said...

What a fun day! Nice celebration. I LOVE the tulips. How sweet to end up with two bouquets. :) I like the way the children all made cards. I need to start my crew on something like that. Ha!

Cynthia said...

Love the flowers! LOL on the email.. that sounds like something I would do.