Thursday, July 5, 2007

And Now, For a Commercial Break

We interrupt this blog to post pictures of the differences in bindings from Kinko's and Office Depo. For all my non-Stampin' Up! demonstrator readers, please skip this post, as it'll probably have you scratching your head and saying, "What is the big deal?" For SU demos, the new catalog - and having it spiral bound - IS a big deal!

Last year's catalog with the plastic covers over front and back and the coil binding. This was done at Kinko's.

Close up of the binding.

Here's this year's catalog with the laminated covers and the coil binding, done at Office Depot on Siegen.

And a close up. Notice that this binding is smaller. I can already tell I prefer the larger binding.

And here are the two. Even though the catalogs are not that much different in their thicknesses, it definitely appears that last year's catalog is much bigger. I think I am going to prefer the laminated covers, although their corners are SHARP! I think I'll file them down a wee bit. But I like the Kinko's larger binding. And I can say I used last year's bound catalog all the time - kept it on my computer and flipped through it very frequently. The binding held VERY well. Since this is my first Office Depo binding, I don't know about how well it holds up. I'm hoping it does well. Otherwise it'll be back to Kinko's for me!

And now, back to our regularly schedule blog. :^D

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Tracey said...

Thank you!!!!!! You're right, the bigger binding is better. I'll run to Kinko's tomorrow to get mine done.

love the blog too!