Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rainy Sunday

I'm so tired of rain. It rained 17 out of 30 days in June. It has rained 8 out of the 9 days of July and rain is forecast for the next 10. Everything is wet and muddy and I'm ready to dry out!

Today we had a horse show. Driving in the rain makes me nervous. Driving in the rain while pulling a horse trailer makes me EXTREMELY nervous. While it wasn't raining when we left in the morning, there was a strong line of thunderstorms heading right to the area to which we were traveling. And it was hot with high humidity - the heat index was 99°. There was no movement to the air, making it even worse.

The heat really got to Morgan today and she was sick right before each of her runs. No pictures from the horse show, needless to say. And the girls just didn't have a very good day, poor Morgan especially.

Right as we were finishing up, the front pushed on through, bringing nice breezes and lowering the humidity. Too late. We were back in the air conditioned Suburban and on our way to Dairy Queen! All Morgan needed was a little a/c. She was fine after that.

We got into some heavy rain on the way home, but when we got on the Mississippi River Bridge, it cleared a bit. Brooke took this great shot of Death Valley - otherwise known as L.S.U.'s Tiger Football Stadium. In all the years I've passed over this bridge, I never noticed Death Valley from the bridge!

Once at the barn, there was this obnoxious guy named Tom who was walking around and calling out in a very loud voice. I got some good pictures of him. Boy, he thinks he's something.

On the way home, Brooke got some interesting pictures of the sky after the rainstorm. It was actually pretty early for the sky to be this orange.


Cynthia said...

The heat does us in, too. Well actually... we can handle some amount of heat, it's the humidity that does us in.... Two of the kids and I are particularly prone to getting sick in hot/humid weather after a trip to TX in the summer one time when we all had a little case of heat stroke.

Glad you made it home ok with the trailer and the weather.

Kristine said...

Hah, cute teaser about Tom! We've been told to expect lots of turkeys and deer on our property when we move. When Holly and I were there, I saw enough road kill groundhogs to last a lifetime . . .