Friday, July 13, 2007

July Scrap Night

My monthly Scrapbooker's Club's year runs from August through July, so tonight was the last hostess club for this "year." We didn't have a hostess for this month, so we pulled names for two mystery hostesses. And I cooked. I made Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pasta Salad and Pioneer Woman's Peach Crisp with Maple Cream. Mmmm! But it wasn't quite crisp. I think I did something wrong because I was hurrying. Plus there is lots of Maple Cream left over that just CAN'T go to waste! So I'll make it again this weekend. :^D
My SIL, Connie, decided to bring a Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle. I adore chocolate and peanut butter together. Brooke spent much of the day with her and actually Brooke (aka The New Chef) made the whole thing. In addition to a great chef, she is also a great blogger in the making - she took a picture of it for me to post! Can't you just taste the creamy, peanut buttery richness and the chewy peanut butter brownies? Mmmmm just doesn't say enough.

Here's our layout from tonight. I called it the "What in the world do I do with all those paper scraps" layout. :^D We took small 6" strips of paper and made them look like longer ones! It was inspired by Nkliewer on the Split Coast Stamper website.

Then my wonderful scrapbooking friends surprised me and made me cry. What are friends for? They put together a little basket of things that use all the time for my club members, like different adhesives, embossing powder, a white gel pen, and DARK CHOCOLATE!!! Of course, they made a card and wrote all sorts of mushy stuff inside to make me cry. What a terrific bunch of gals!


De'Etta said...

WOW that trifle looks good. I may be able to make it on our food plan...who am I kiddin? LOL

Layouts look great.

Cynthia said...

FUN! Sharing snacks is the best part of a scrapping gathering.

I've also used that paper trick to use up some left overs that aren't quite long enough to border an entire page.