Tuesday, July 17, 2007

But The Third Little Pig......

Inside the brick place - Steve is talking, I am looking.

Today we went to buy our fireplace and pick out bricks. We went outside first and I picked one out of this huge brick wall of samples. The sales person comes outside and looks at the one I like.

She says, "Oh, you have good taste. That's our most expensive brick." What is the chance that of a dozens of samples of anything, I'll always pick the most expensive. And, of course, it is a modular brick, meaning smaller and looks like old brick, so that means we'll need MORE of them than the queen sized bricks. Of course.

This picture has nothing to do with choosing bricks. I just thought it was cute. Morgan and Brooke came with us. Brooke occupied herself with the camera.

Thankfully, there were others that I liked. We narrowed it down to three and they gave us addresses for homes with those three brick styles. So guess what I'll be doing on Wednesday?

This is my favorite brick.


Cynthia said...

How nice that they gave you addresses to go take a look. Is this going to cover your entire house or is it for accent?

Cynthia said...

Now I remember why dh will never build a new house for me! It took me over 3 years to chose a paint color for our house (LOL)...... and we've been waiting a good 3 months for me to chose linoleum, or tile, or whatever... any floor covering for our bathroom (LOL). I better get on that if I ever hope to have the bathroom finished.

Ginger said...


The house will be partially brick and the rest vinyl siding.

Kathy in WA said...

I think making all the decisions that are required in building would put me over the edge. I am not very decisive. I would need some really good friends (with lots of style) to help me all the time. :)

Ginger said...


Now I'm making decisions about cabinets. These are decisions about stuff not yet built. Imagining how something will look from paper to 3-D is definitely NOT my gift. I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!