Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cat Drugs

Here's Libby, meowing like crazy at Brooke's door. Now, this in and of itself is not unusual. At night if Brooke is in there and didn't let Libby in, she will meow at the door until I let her in. Sometimes when she is IN the room, she'll meow to come out because she needs to use the litter box. But this was different. She was meowing very loudly and continuously, not an occasional "Open this door, please." This was an "Open up! Open up! Now! Hurry!" kind of meow.

Okay, she really wants in this bedroom. What's in there - kitty drugs?

Yup. Sure is. Here's her "drug of choice" - the Cat Teaser! LOL! This is so funny. Brooke has been playing with Libby and Stewart all morning with that thing! You'd think they'd be exhausted and sick of it. I guess not.

(Okay - let me make a qualifying statement here - because when we move into our new house, we will be removing all the wallpaper from this room and repainting it, Brooke decided she couldn't bear the pink beribboned wallpaper - not our choice - that was there and ripped it off herself. This is the wallpaper that was there before us and the crayon marks were added by the toddler who lived here before we moved back in. Just didn't want anyone to think we were white trash. :^P)

Libby really, really likes this toy. Really. Can you tell?

After these pictures were taken, Brooke took Libby out of her room AGAIN. She was still crying at the door. When Brooke let her back in, STEWART started crying at the door. Stewart NEVER cries at Brooke's door - he's not allowed in her room EVER. This is so weird. Yup. Brooke has cat drugs in her room.

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Berry Patch said...

How hilarious! Well, until you want to go to bed that is. :-)