Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer Clean-Up Challenge, Volume 2, Chapter 2

Today we had Homeschool 4-H at our local library. Brooke did an educational talk on the care and keeping of ferrets - and our very own Ferris got to come along. He was the hit of the meeting and was quite pooped when we finally made our way home. Home to the continuing saga of the.......

Chapter 2 was just a short little chapter. I did the easy stuff today - my computer desk. It's Monday. You need a break on a Monday!

Here's my desk before - stuff piled up and buried. And crammed, although I really can't do a lot about the "crammed" part - there's just no place to put stuff.

Here's the after. Still stuff, but straight - no papers - no glass of milk. :^D

The poor, pitiful broken chair under the desk (okay, it's really an extra table) is supposed to hold just my Sonlight Instructor's Guide binders. It's also piled with all sorts of extra stuff. And there's stuff on the floor. How am I supposed to get into my file cabinet with all this stuff?

Much better. The old printer is still there (waiting for Steve to decide if it needs surgery will be wise or if we should just put it out of its misery), but the STUFF surrounding it is gone. And, although it doesn't look like it from the angle of this picture, the bottom drawer of the file cabinet can come all the way out. Nothing on my little broken chair except my binders now. And the floor has been swept!

Tomorrow - Chapter 3. This is the very scary chapter where Ginger Tackles the Table of Towering Trash! That sounds like an all-day job!


Kristine said...

Good for Brooke! That's really cool!

Kathy in WA said...

I can't believe all the rain you guys are getting. You must have stolen Washington's usual rain fall. At least you are being productive. :)