Saturday, February 9, 2008

And, Finally, Horses!

Okay, the name of this blog IS Just Horsin' Around. Where have all the horses been? We've seen poodles and cats and people, but no horses in a while.

These photos were actually taken yesterday. Brooke and Steve went to meet the farrier at the barn because the horse girls needed new shoes. And all of the horses are of Honeybee. Because Brooke is biased.

Actually, the only one who got new shoes was Punkin, Morgan's horse. We are trying her with regular shoes instead of the special shoes. My horse, Lady, has been barefoot for a while. She was getting shoes just on the front because she kicks her stall and would probably throw shoes if they were on the back. But a few months back, we took all her shoes off. I think she's probably a country girl, because she likes being barefoot!

Today, Brooke's horse, Honeybee, went barefoot as well. Brooke is going to back off competing with her this year and, instead of going for top speed, she's going to work on form and gate issues. Honeybee gets nervous going into the gate or alleyways before the arena, so Brooke's going to try and get her out of that and let her time in the arena be fun. Perhaps this will help Honeybee to not get so over-excited and keyed up before her runs.


Emily said...

Your horses are beautiful!

Luc & Remy said...

Wow, your horses are gorgeous! And big!

Cynthia said...

LOL! Nice horses. I was thinking about Just Horsin Around could also mean just being goofy.... so it's ok if you don't get around to posting many pics of your horses.

Ginger said...

Umm....goofy....yup, that's us for sure! Down to the last one!