Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Laura in MO

Laura in MO asked to see my floors "up close" to see the scoring, so here's today's picture.

The floors have been finished, but not sealed. When sealed, they'll be a wee bit darker and they'll have a slight sheen to them. They are still dirty here - after sweeping a gazillion times, vacuuming and mopping twice. The Sheetrock dust is simply everywhere.

We scored the squares 24" x 24" throughout. I saw someone's scored and stained floors last week and she had 36" x 36", but her ceilings were 12-15' high and it looked beautiful! But she had WAY more house than we'll have. :^)

It was odd how the stain absorbed in different ways in different areas of the concrete - in my bedroom (which is under an oak tree), some of the pollen and stuff from the tree had fallen right after staining and it made portions look almost black, while other portions look almost "rusted." It sounds ugly, but it looks neat.

The stain is a green acid - it's neat how it foams and smokes when applied, then it changes to the stain color. If you throw different objects across the wet stain, it changes the look of the stain - metal objects, other chemicals, etc. Great for chemistry lab! I can see we'll be using this stuff again in non-flooring related projects!


Laura in MO said...

Oh, thank you, Ginger! They are absolutely beautiful! I am jealous! :) We have read about these floors before but had never seen them "in real life". Thanks for taking the pictures for me. :)

Travis Carpenter said...

Very nice Ginger!!! I am a huge fan of stained concrete. It is one of the few "new" construction projects that give a building character. Have you seen concrete countertops? I have a book on building them and can't wait to do it one day.

Amy said...

I LOVE these floors! The color variation is just gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the pics. So, you're not having to put down carpet or linoleum or tile or anything? You just leave the cement floor and color it whatever color you want or did I miss something?

Ginger said...

Yes, Cynthia, this is the floor. Just the concrete that has been stained. It only needs to be sealed at this point. I'll be doing that when I finish the painting. :::sigh:::