Friday, February 1, 2008

Basketball Game

Tonight Morgan had to cheer at the homeschool organization's junior varsity basketball game. It was a very exciting game, very close until the end. We unfortunately lost.

The cheerleaders were quite discombobulated with the other teams fans who kept yelling and clapping in an organized pattern whenever our girls would start a cheer. I thought it was very rude, especially for a Christian school. Oh well...

Here's the only picture I got of them. It's not a good one. They weren't even cheering. They were on the other side of the gym from me and the silly ball players kept running in front of my shot. :^)


Cynthia said...

You must have a large homeschool organization to even have your own cheering squad!

Ginger said...

Yes, the homeschool organization we belong to is quite large. They have organized sports (football, JV/varsity/girls basketball teams, softball and baseball), co-ops, etc. This organization is subdivided into smaller localized groups (even though THIS organization is a local chapter of the state organization). You must realize, though, that the Louisiana public school system is HORRIBLE - we have ranked 48, 49, or 50th for decades. So we have a huge network of homeschoolers. Homeschooling is VERY commonplace around here.