Friday, February 22, 2008

Something NEW!!!


Hey, wait. That's not new. Haven't we seen that before?

Nope. Look again!
The floors have been uncovered. No more Tyvek! They're not sealed yet, but it was nice to SEE them again, especially since they've been covered since June! Our floors are scored, stained concrete and we did the scoring and staining before the walls went up, then covered them with a layer of Tyvek, then brown paper to protect them. Even though they were covered, they are still full of DUST! There were a few little cuts here and there in the Tyvek and it let in lots of dust, although it's not nearly as bad as it would have been without the covering. Then I would have been scrubbing sheetrock mud off the floors on my hands and knees with a brush!
I bought a Floor Mate. Hopefully that will make my job easier. But it was SO exciting to see my floors!


Laura in MO said...

I am fascinated with your concrete floors. I have read about doing that and it really sounds cool. They look beautiful! Show us an up close picture, too - I'd love to see the scoring! :)

Cynthia said...

So it looks like you don't do anything over the top of the cement floors. I wonder if that's a southern thing. I don't think I know anyone with concrete floors up here in the north.

Ginger said...

It may be a Southern thing. Almost all of our houses are on concrete slabs and we have no basements. Well, we COULD have a basement, but most people would just call it a pond. :^)

Concrete floors are a relatively new thing. It's so much cheaper and if you ever want anything else, you can go right over it without removing anything. I like it, though. It can look like natural stone or even marble depending on how you stain and finish it. Who can have marble floors for less than $300. For the whole house?

Now, that said, if you have someone ELSE do them, it is quite expensive. It was only $300 because we scored and stained it ourselves.