Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Study in Cupcakes

To celebrate Valentine's Day, my MIL made cupcakes and invited my girls and her friend's 5-year-old twins to decorate them. She had chocolate and pink frosting and all sorts of fun sprinkles and candies. I think the older girls had as much fun as the little ones. I wish I had a picture of everyone hard at work on their cupcakes.

Brooke took pictures of her cupcakes later. She only decorated four. But she was quite meticulous in her decorations.

Here's the Chocolate Frosting/Candy Heart Swirl with Alternating Colors.

Here's the Pink Sprinkle Heart Posies.

Now we have the You Hold My Heart cupcake.

And finally, the ever festive Pink and Red Explosion with a Dollop of Chocolate in the Center for Good Measure.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing them as much as Brooke enjoyed decorating (and eating) them.

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