Monday, February 25, 2008

More New Stuff!!!

Last week, we received our appliance delivery, as well as the lower cabinets for the kitchen. Now my kitchen is starting to look (a little bit) like a real kitchen, but my living room just looks like STORAGE!!!

Steve is checking out the freezer, to see if Sears delivered ice cream with the new appliances.

Everything else is in boxes - microwave/vent, double ovens, cook top, and dishwasher.

Oh, the dishwasher! I cannot wait! I absolutely HATE washing dishes. And my dishwasher here went on the fritz a couple of years ago. I do occasionally give the girls the task of washing dishes, but they don't use water as hot as I do, so I tend to rewash things because they feel "greasy." I prefer to do the washing and have the girls dry and put away. The girls generally do an excellent job with laundry. But I digress. I truly CANNOT wait to have a dishwasher again!

This row of cabinets will be for the little "kitchenette" upstairs in the scrapbook studio. The little strange rectangles on top of this cabinet are the risers for the bar portion of the peninsula in our "real" kitchen.

Steve is adjusting the shelf in this high cabinet. He is standing in front of a small "pantry" - it's a cupboard with slide-out shelves.

Steve is thinking, "Wow! Do I have a lot of sanding and staining to do, or what?" Our kitchen cabinets are hickory. We wanted a rustic-looking wood. The cabinets for the upstairs kitchenette and for our bathroom are all paint-grade pine.

My soapstone farmhouse-style sink will go in this cabinet. The cabinet guys will have to cut a hole in the bottom for the cabinet to fit over the plumbing pipes. They had to make this cabinet extra-sturdy because sink weighs a couple hundred pounds.

This little unfinished "hole" will house one of my two pull-out spice drawers. They will be on either side of the cabinet that houses the cooktop.

Now to get in the uppers! I can't wait!


Laura in MO said...

Your kitchen is shaping up beautifully. And I love, love, LOVE your wall color!!

Anonymous said...

It's all so exciting! I have never had a brand new kitchen before. Can't wait to see the end result! :-)

Ginger said...

Laura, thank you for your comment about the color. My girls think it is "boring." :^) I think they'd like something more exciting like bright red or purple.

Melissa, I've never had a brand new kitchen before either. The closest I've come was the kitchen in our first house - it was about a year old.

Teeny said...

Looking for're too funny! Glad you finally got your stuff delivered - very exciting!

Michele said...

It must be so fun seeing all your ideas coming to life! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Cynthia said...

What color appliances did you go with and do you have a picture of your soapstone sink? I wonder if it's the type that our dd thinks we should put in if we ever build a kitchen.

Ginger said...

Our appliances are black. I'm "anti-stainless steel." Nothing wrong with it, just not my preference.

Here's a picture of the soapstone sink I'm getting - this one has been oiled, so it's darker. Un-oiled soapstone is light gray.